After I shower, I usually would have to use creams and lotions, as my skin was dry and flaky. I have tried all kinds of filters, and different showerheads to purify my water and help my skin, but I still did not find what I was hoping for. When a friend told me about the Ion Shower Head, I honestly thought it was just another showerhead and that it would not work. However, I decided to give it a shot; and I found that after using the Ion Shower Head just 3 times, I no longer had to use any creams, because my skin was not dry, nor flaky. In fact, I actually look forward to taking a shower now!
--Frederick L., Amarillo, TX - USA

I have been using the Ion Shower Head for two weeks! My skin used to be super dry but now, my skin is so soft that you would think I had a bath in lotion. I was amazed to see that I did not have to use one drop of conditioner. My hair goes down my back and I have had to use conditioner for 30 plus years. Now I just use my Ion Shower Head and a comb! Everybody should and needs to have the Ion Shower Head.
--Brenda M., Vermont, IL - USA

I have been using the showerhead now for about 2 months and could feel a difference right away. The water felt different and my hair and skin has never been so soft. My wife and older daughter loves the way it makes their hair and skin feel so soft too. I even use it to fill the bathtub now when I give my 4 yr old a bath so that she is not soaking in the toxic tap water. I also like the fact that you do not have to keep buying and replacing filters. I definitely recommend this product and tell all my friends about it.
--Barber family, Escondido, CA. - USA

“I can’t believe how smooth and silky my hair feels in just 2 days of using the showerhead.”
--Julie D., Winnipeg, MB - Canada

“My wife will not stop bragging about how shiny her hair is and smooth here skin is after using the showerhead. And I have to agree with her.”
--Johan W., Haywood, Lancashire, - UK

The Ion Shower Head is amazing. The pressure is stronger than my old shower head and you can really feel a difference in your hair, skin and scalp. It feels like my hair is softer and I don't have to use conditioner for my hair and lotion for my skin. This is a truly amazing device!
--Ronald U., Pittsburg, PA - USA

“I absolutely love this showerhead. The only thing that I can find wrong with it is that now I want to take at least 2 showers a day.”
Mila S., Brisbane, Queensland, - Australia

"The first thing me and my friends noticed right after using the shower head is that, my hair became shinier and softer even without using conditioner or any product. My skin also became smoother so I didn't need to put on tons of lotion which was impossible before because I would always get winter dry skin."
--Joy J., San Diego, CA, - USA

“Even my Yorkshire terrier gets her regular bath with the ION showerhead. Her hair is so smooth I have a hard time keeping her little pink bow in place.”
Ashley B., Malibu, California - USA





ION Shower Head EX

Order Includes:

1 Handheld & 1 Wall Mount Shower Head

  Unique & Rare Crystals

Super-Size Shower Head

Technological Advanced Design